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"Mortido Tacendi" (2018)

The Pruitt-Igoe Petrichor

Perchance the bliss did yon abound
With matin o'er the roses bleed
And marigold wane safe and sound
With moonlit spots into the weed

Whereon with garment of our woe
We were betroth'd with joyance ere
Thence diapasm of nether snow
Cered corse of us decumbent near

As cold cerastes stitch'd our lips
And Phoebe devour'd the sailor in
Old circus yet the mad child nips
Hallowed by Mother Lorenin

Thence just two phantoms lorn and shend
Fare on the void pale-lighted dim
Moonwalking as the arbusts send
The mammoth shadows from their limbs

(And crater ribs gargantuan like the melancholy of non-departure,
the music of abandoned station, thy raven dusk, thy widowed grief,
primordial revel of the rain where all the viper sylphids masturbate and
mar the myrrh, alloy our wine with blood tears and out the candelabra,
where Satan King shares elf-struck zested cates and Satyr Prince plays chess
for sake of sailor...)

Now let me lay among the thousand feet
A thousand wheels with lilac petals thrown
The Magus had prescribed the scent defeat
To heal a soul with Bahnhof and hydron

Septentrion would summon it's dead bears
And night would glow with that consenting light
I'll grab you like the wallet, Selene mare,
With unrelenting darkness to bedight

And we should fare to Pruitt-Igoe
Where stench and scream are graven in its buhr
A white dove drowned in sewage hours ago
As heaven vomits with its greasy fur

Unconsciousness is better than the fair
The lepra on thy face tastes like the grape
And I shall screw you bended on a dare
In elevator of unending rape

Deformity is where we all came from
We're nursed by malice legoed to destroy
The sepia of our smothered form
The symbol of the lie we've been decoyed

(And when the circus is empty again and the plasticine moon defecates me with
its lunar-band yet unchowed, I shall put on my jumper and murmur the

No premonition in this silver rain
Just molten dreams fulfill reverb'rant scape
I hear my trow's nepenthean quatrain
As far above the livid sun should gape

Soothed by the slumber in the petrichor
I hear the matin o'er the marigold
Still mesmerized with gleam of watery chords
It tastes like childhood backed into a fold

Where all of dirt becomes the copper gold...

Wo letzte Lieder sterben

Die Vorboten der Eisliebe kommen
Der weiße Streifen ist auf
der Stirn meines toten Jungen
Ich möchte seine Kristallaugen
an den prophetischen Weg
zu Sternen ansehen
Und die Blumen allerorts unklare Geheimnisse
des Liebhabers verbergen
Die Symbole der Verbrechen
und der Unglücke haben
als seltsames Alphabet
auf deine Gesicht gelegen
Ich schleppe dich durch
das ausgetrocknete Gras
und lege dich an monderhellte Erde auf
Ich sollte dich ausgraben
und deine Fleisch zu spremgen,
damit wir uns nochmals wie Fremden begegnen
Unter nackten niedrigen Baümen wo du liegst,
vereinbarten wir uns bis zur Nacht zu warten

Ich bilde die Statue meines Traums lange Zeit.
Als ich beendete, erfasste von Grauen erfüllt,
dass die dargestellte göttliche Gestalt
mir ganz gleich ist.
Danach wechselte die Gleichgültigkeit
mit Reiz und Abneigung.
Unsere Lüge schaltet Mechanismen
des Händedrucks ein,
und Wahrheit schläft unter dem Voile
der unerfüllbaren Schlafen.
Weil Träume sind auch Tod.
Ich liebte immer
den Schüttelfrost vor Fieber,
wissend, dass dahinten
eine Krankheit nachfolgen wird.
Liebe ist Gefahr und Erwartung der Katastrophe.
Liebe ist die bitterste Demütigung.

Ich erinner mich an dem Schnee
auf das Sprachrohr des Grammophons,
Skelett des Vogels im verrosteten Bauer,
den unwiederbringlich abgereisten Zug,
und für immer leer gewordenen Bahnhof.
Die unbewohnte Stadt ist voll
von toten Insekten.
Im Ruß der verbrennenen Wände bewährt
sich das Gedächtnis der Generationen.
Gedächtnis ist ein über heißen Sand
und naßen Steinen ziehenden weisen Schatten
des schwarzen Storchs.
Abschiedsschrei des alten Albatrosses.
Ins Blut verdünntes Lied.
Organ des Erdbebens aus Phalangen und Knochen.
Vernachlässigtes Schachbrett von Götter
mit Schmerlen bewachsen.
Zirkon Thron
Vergewaltigung der Vernunft
Gedächtnis ist Tod.

Wir treffen uns auf dem Hügel des Dämons.
Im Krater neben Mount Marylin.
Wir gehen Mare Frigoris und schwarze Lacus Somniorum.
Das tiefste Platz des Sees befindet sich an
der Kreuzung seiner Länge und Breite.
Die Kälte vor Fieber ist die Vorahnung
des künftigen Vergessen, wo letzte Lieder sterben,
wo die Musik der Nichtigkeit gebärt sich.

Parastellar Psychonova

Pathetic harrowing night
Flows in the windowpane like terror
Heartrending yellow light
Melting in the rearview mirror
Of taxi, oh, the yellow cab
Taking me home back to the web
From the old-old house
Of the buddy of mine
From the applause and browse
Back to the solitary's wine
Back to the body of mine

Is it you?
We met in poet's mortal fall
Messed up with dirty rock'n'roll
Is it true?
Or do we just hallucinate?
And holograms illuminate
The fret of our deviated love

And when I find you in my love
There's a pain of million years

You deny
You do never take them home
You yourself compelled to roam
Asking why
But there ain't no other shore
The only nowhere you adore

Can you find me in your whore?

Gossip so nefarious
Emanates into our dreams
I hear its croon above
The hazy morning river
I'm standing mesmerized
By love's apalling terror
Blessed by the Dante Sun
Of thousand suicides
I see the wretched ghouls
All ravished from this life
And cursed by matter
As your wet body serpentine
Rise and fall over my body
(Comme une embellie du s;raphin)
To the bone of my vision
The mellow wine of my lust
In this allophylian conclave
Of sacred lecheries, divine voluptuary
Dream of the wan of those silhouettes
And voices, blithe and debonnaire
Of life undone
Reminisce life - the one I never had!

And when I find you in my love
There's a pain of zillion aeons

Is it you?
We met in poet's mortal fall
Messed up with dirty rock'n'roll
Is it true?
Or do we just hallucinate?
And holograms illuminate
The fret of our deviated love

You deny
You do never take them home
You yourself compelled to roam
I won't die
When I see you back again
Until you find another man

I'll be your broken man.

We are the halfbreeds of tendresse
We are the slaves of our woe
And in the eve of the madness
I know we've been there before
In the fiesta of gonner
Then in the funeral feast
Forever young but so worn out
The bosom viper grows beast

Like Albion in pale Nebula
Incomprehensible fabula
The transcendence of Jehovah

Divine is heartbleed of power
The gale of rain and of tears
It's like the meteor shower
Of Delta Aquariids
And from a nightingale weeping
I shall continue my past
Like Lotus full of blood dripping
In my decay would it last

Like Albion in pale Nebula
Anachronistical tabula
The transgression of Jehovah

And when I find you in my love
There's a pain of zillion aeons...


Like shadows that dance with no dancer
My zeal and my wounds stay unanswered
Dreaming santon is scattered with sand
In the desert, the desolate friend

This fallow is burnt summer morning
The sweat and the ruin and the moaning
But self-pleasure in far-gone exhaust
So prostrated for all of the cost

(This sex was like the agony of gods and the eve of my night
where on the tarmac I had drank and sung with young malakias
in Old Jerusalem, where I did hail the thieves of night with
tambours - they come and go, just come and go from past to
nowhere as like the Yellow Arrow train that never stops and
never reach the station)

Behind my shut eyes it is raining
It's always pursuing and maiming
And I'm leaving the smile on your chest
As it bleeds and it floods the bloodfest

El mendigo del crudo amor
Just the moonrover taping the shore
Elseworld fragrance in dead morning haze
Touch of Grenouille's insentient gaze

My Devastating

Malnourished as the trait with our fervor half past dead
We come out from chrysalis into the vernal day.
Instincts so unthought and our light heads blown away
With the ephemeral grace.
Hungry for the love and warm we came to everlasting flow
Like cattle to a glow.
Like cattle to a glow…
And usually so straight and calm coming over as you were,
You were diurnal that I tried to perpetuate.
Flimsy in a bate and mithridatic to the fate,
You learned to fly,
I followed you and slithered.

Once, once we have been waves
The fire of forsaken caves
And we have listened to the rain.

Once we were tide
In the Nordic black and white
In the autumn of abide
Never changing…

Now the vibe is disturbing as the songs are all sung
And the tune is distorted like pale winter sun.
There in my mortal silence echoes thunder of past,
Just the voices of strangers, words of fear and of lust.

How can I tell you what I know?
I think it’s time to find the way back and to bring us home.
To disappear like a glow in the Alchemist’s cave forlorn.
To breathe the poetry into the heart of a solipsist
As God once blew that life onto the clay, so self-sufficient.
The parallel unheeded world,
Unheartsome world.
Like Wormwood Star that conquered waters then…
And once again so straight and calm coming over as you are,
Become the tiger-moth of greed to your defame,
Worship the limit of the depth,
The limit of all warmth endowed with fears.
As I sip my golden dandelion wine
To bittersweet with tears.

Once, once we have been waves
And we have listened to the rains.
In the Nordic black and white
Once we were tide.

And I let loose my memories of heaven and hell
I’m standing here little boy with a sea-shell
Put to my ear, when no one is near.
Listening to choirs of sea in the rain
Fooling myself it would be back again
Crying my love out, blackout of belief
My devastating eternal motif.
My devastating…

It is the end of everything!

So return to your chrysalis, state of unborn.
Promise kept is much worse than a fake promise sworn.
Premonitory dreams are better not to come true
Let your child-soul stay home now, just don’t get it through…

Don’t get it through…
Don’t get it through…
Just don’t get it through.

Nobody Cares

Leave your cold little star
Oh, hostile you are
Dragging benath utter funeral light
Of the yellow green blue
Epicedian lanterns...

The pedestrian of woe
Grazing your little toe
In the mold of the autumn
Showers of
Heavy rain traffic...

Rather copout you fake
Starve-plate hope that you make
Will you ever get used to leave all these dead things behind?
And now it ain't your time
The forgotten old crime
We got under the waves, we did not save ourselves
Now we're buried somewhere deep in mind.

And nobody cares...

Killing each other again and again
The days look the same in the space of our pain
Zero of distance the ground zero height
Cold wine and jitters and tears in gas-light

And nobody cares...

Love doesn't exist
It's a wall hittin' fist
People just ain't no good
Making food neighbourhood
Sick and tired of ourselves
Like needless books on the shelves
With a bad grace we frig

And nobody cares...

There the stray banders bark
In the vespertine Loona Park
Where the kite of our childhood has landed and died
And the wet neon night got our hearts tranqillized

And nobody cares...

Loose your blind little star
Oh, hostile we are
The pedestrians of woe in the mold
Of the heavy rain traffic...


The eyen of my childish gosling wane,
The ganzl-gist of my felictious tide.
Its vales and winds unwept enquir'd with bane,
Daguerreotype of sepia eventide.

Bygone the rivulet of chrysoprase,
The eyen of my tender age ablaze,
My dream, my bloom like burgeon yet unpreen'd
Like charnel willow sear'd ant careen'd.

Indweller of the capony of bale
Shent I survey my meadows of tarnation.
Lidless the eyen of the fainted gale
Ensoul the loss as hallowed naught-damnation.

Deserted is my own good hall, its hearth is desolate
The hoarse dull drum would sleep, and Man be happy yet! *

The billows moll, the pale steed of mine,
Sepulchral wreaths along the riverine
As moonlit hair waving in the breeze,
The eyewink of our farewell first to seize.

The bark of skin - quadragenarian coil,
The pinewood-tarred cheeks of the idol soil'd,
The unborn foetus of my fate beheld,
The void drinkng-horn - around me weld

Array of scatter'd stones, the vain, the Eld...


* From G. Byron

Yroeth s'niwraD

ssenkrad fo relur eht ot luos ruoy ecifircas em tel
sonemet gninrom eht ni uoy htiw eid ot
gnideelb lwarc i sa
aigrenys ym redrum dna xes ruoy
sisenegohtap tcurtsed fles gnideerb
ecnetsixe ezimodos sitongi siid
esrevinu nrob-daed fo epar eht
edicius ym epahs ruoy


Your shape my suicide
The loss of heart and mind
And torrents full of cold
Take me away...

The rape of dead-born universe
The spawning season of the curse
But for the verse...

In the tunnel
Of light that's never closing in
From larva to the dolphin sinned
From dolphin to the dying whale
The foam of memories to exhale
In the tunnel
Of light afore that never comes

Diis ignotis sodomize existence
Breeding self-destruct Pathogenesis
Your sex and murder my Synergia
As I crawl bleeding
To die with you in the morning Temenos
Let me sacrifice your soul to the ruler of darkness

The silt of rain and the old city
The city of the old, of my pity
Flowing down the blackened streets
Like vomit from a drunkard's mouth to his feet
And the eyes exposed by the smoke and acid
See the living filth and the sewage tacit
Every soul is a plankton cut
On the edge of life

Je ressent de la puissance de la haine
Comme un grondement de l'âme sans tanière
Nun ist auf einmal Sinn auf der Welt

And I drink my wine of wickedness
My wine of wretchedness
To see the world the way I want to see
The way this world can never ever be

And I harass my dreams
I masturbate my pain
To feel it all to bear it to the end
Beneath the dead wet blue
Of tossed up skeleton trees
Outside the glass of my disease

Is this the autumn of spring
In the tunnel
Of light that's never closing in?
In the tunnel
Of light afore that never comes

And torrents full of cold
Take me away...

To The Deep Dark Far

Come take the knife, come take the flame
The former shame becomes the blame
Come squeeze your heart till it can't feel
And give away to overkill

In name of Darkness, name of Naught
Release the feel and bloody thought
Come follow me to kill the world
The horror vast, the fear untold

Come follow me
All love be crashed beneath your feet
As like a turmoil insect in defeat
Come injure all the beauty
For a great repay
Kill the light and kill the hope
Kill everything away

In blood we'd feast in agony
And put the strongest on its knees
To cut their throats, their blood croak pulverized
Until the world is closing its dead filthy eyes

In name of Darkness, name of Hate
Befoul the gods and crash the heaven gate
Come take the clay, come take the muck
Paint world with blood and then repaint with Black

Destroy and kill, destroy and kill again
Until there is no universe to maim
Erase and spit in everlasting rape,
Until there is no sound, no color and no shape

Till there's no sun, no planets and no stars
Great Emptiness, eternal, deep, dark, far...


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