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"Meytaskitter the while of painful changes" (2008)

MEYTASKITTER The While Of Painful Changes (including songlyrics from "Tratamiento de la desgracia") (c) 2008

Album art by a'ANTI'st

Welcome Through

Cry out loud - there's no one here
Let them play and disappear
See the world again betrays
They fear only not themselves

This fine world is not for you
You collapsed and so did I
Staright and gay and freak's not true
Same shit - no one hears your cry

They do kill as asteroids
Next door liar, you are fraud
And you never can control...

Turbid Stars

Turbid stars
Sick of cold
Grieve for years

Weak pale eyes
Call the storm
Where to flee

All their dreams are coming back to dark

These images abhorred like murdered hearts
Devour hope and beg me for the end
The only thing I love, I've ever got
Destroys itself and dies right in my hand

Covenant land
Utterly spoiled
Sewage of mad
Human kind throe

Lust and bliss
And revere
Mad hungers

I Wish I Killed Our Fucking Dreams

I cannot stand it anymore...
I knew the color of perfection, its taste.
It's such a danger...
I'm not myself, the ugly creature of demise born in the madman's den.
I'm sick and paranoid...
I wish I killed our fucking dreams.
The eyes so cold, the hearts so dead...
Please tell me why do we deny our heaven when it comes down for us?
No love, no care and no compassion can give a key to human heart...
And once again strewn in the fiendish night
I'll roam and crawl this fucking waste land searching for you.
But in my last wish I hope you'll get enough to know
About the pain and misery.
And pay oblivion back to me.
The abscence of light and joy...
No longer shall I suffer!

Against The Twofold Divinity

Angel weeps
To redeem my heart
All the seas
Split to give him way

From too deep
Of my hatred's mine
I deceive
Him to not obey

And the roots of the outcast existence
Grew in my frame of belief
And I'd perish with no peaceful reasons
Cover the age of the grief

Damn lie
Gather each
Stone in
From the eyes
He'd bleach
Watch it die

Raping me
With its breathing love
Dive into
My collapsing wounds
Frail relic
Left within my glove
War so true
Vanished out as pruned


Oh Lord of mine
Grieve upon me

Lullaby me with your prayer

So I knew my life was real
Spilt from my eyes

Everything Fucks Up One Day

Well, I was pissed off in love
And I was fucked up in pain
I sent my curse up above
I tried to vanish myself

But in the shadows I sat
The fraud I thought, wine I drank
It wasn't really so sad
Just the disparity's rank

I've laid the jillion of whores but couldn't fuck any of...
If they sent Venus to me I'd rather smile and pace off
I thought my strength going large the more I trod hearts to dust
And all my future I saw was hazy shadow of past...

My friend, they were killing you
For fucking twenty nine years
The mealy-mouthing abuse
The sluggish cunts tasting tears

The were not good, nor so bad
But dissipated and frail
To fill your soul up with shit
To let the frailty prevail

Be sure you'll pay it all back and feel the power I felt
And all the raised up regrets like autumn drizzle would melt
Be sure the bad things they've done to you you'll give someone else
Lovers like suttees will burn - so every wise man foretells

Be sure you'll pay it all back but it will never release
From empty hole ripped through you, eleminating disease
The freedom lets us destroy, lets foster hope that we'll slay
But life is circle - I mean everything fucks up one day

Love Survives The Ruin

Wishing well when pains goes all away
Wishing well to those who have betrayed
Pendulums colossal though they sway
Reconstruct the dead events array

Come invite me drinking liquors there
Where you dwell behind the aeon of hope
Dangers heed us no more to beware
All of us the homelessness adopts

Changer, detruire les amours morts...

What a wretchedness is hiding down that florid clothing
Mannered looks and eyes lit down and frozen
Cold prevails I feel it in my bent down wounded bosom
Love surivives the ruin of world we're glowing

Wishing well as nothing else remains
Hope it's true we all are small and faint
Hide my tears they cleansed me up like rains
Wish in death of hope we don't decept

Search no more, don't wait forevermore
Reap the gold that accident may bring
There's no unions, families restored
But a wheeze when then we try to sing

What a wretchedness is hiding down that florid clothing
Mannered looks and eyes lit down and frozen
Cold prevails I feel it in my bent down wounded bosom
Love surivives the ruin of world we're glowing


Stars collide in my eyes
And the winter drifts away
I'm still on that long forgotten summer bay
Frantic chase of memories
Crash me to my very bones
I prerend I'm strong and still I am alone

Hunted by the people
More dissolved by emptiness
I got no one to rely on, to confess
So much cold indifference
Things that I ought to beware
But I'm not afraid I'm dead of nomads' care

Like a vending machine
I'm in order, I'm clean
I'm illusory and mean
Running further within...

Walls and beds in my cold chamber
Sobbing for another night
Out of anyone's sight
I curse the neon light
I am full of srength and anger
But the amber's in my heart
Hope one day I'll depart
With grieving of my art

Faces look so peaceful
But the eyes reflect the void
Contradictions in all do make me paranoid
Words sound like the dark spell
With containing made to heal
And the immanense of cold I'm to reveal

And I can't sleep this night
Favourite song plays the might
Hear man sings in half-light:
"Things will end up alright"...

Stab me darling from the back and
Thrust this blade with aconite
In those passions of night
I missed and cried and cried...
Sorrows chase and sorrows becon
Me to where I do belong
It has taken so long
To put me on my throne

Where the joys are all gone
And eternally sworn
To forsake me alone
Bless to be all alone...

The Immanense Of All The Ephemeral

What can suicide teach? Or if you're walking dead
Nothing but return to life...
What does other's care leash? Or if they all led
Nothing but the wish to strive

Lovers go and love remains.
Time is the perfect serum
Can you feel the immanense
Of all the ephemeral?

Eterinty's born from moment that dreft away
Without trace or dying light
And we recollect the form and the plot of the play
When it's wasted from own might

Kisses melt and soul accents
Change is the perfect mirror
Can you fight the immanense
Of all the ephemeral?

But I wish I was as strong
As the pain that knocked me down
And I wish I was among
Gods that greeted me with frown

Waken from my great disease
By your hand that clenched me tight
My intrinsic devil fears
Outer angels still abide

From the scattered heaven sents
As the architect of world
I do tame the immanence
Of the ephemeral....

The Frail Reflection Of An Ancient Dream

Never ever I have been wishing so to die
When I raised my bleeding wings, faced my newborn life
And I feel them tear my mind from the foreign zone
From the foreign happiness that I pursued alone

As this last embrace
In the tower
Verdict of the grace
Woe of lover

Fire on thy cheeks
Dancing, glowing
To the final bleak,
Final omen

Never in my life I was running fast from life
Ripping further broken wings, perishing alive
Cannot sacrifice my pain for the light of you
Altar of my hate upraised me, myself the pure

Dagger in my hand
Veins inflating
Find your home and land
Leave me caving

Holding onto me
Ain't no joy there
My soul's dark and mean
You caress bare

Somebody, Somewhere... Me

I had a dream, I traveled the ancient meadows,
the honey waterfalls and yellow canions.
And when I raised my eyes I felt the sky turn my head.
And I was all alone
There was so cold...
The cold I felt no longer...
And I was not afraid of loneliness
I journeyed thousands years barefoot
The deserts and the underwater
I was a selfless drop that has returned to ocean
I wish I smiled but couldn't move my lips
I wish I split the waves but melted in the maroon sunset
No one was there
I wondered If I'd soon be waken
And disappear in gray reality filled by the people
That never heard
Somebody, somewhere... me

The Scarlet Torrents

My time to catch the stones
My time to pray
If faith dies now alone
I am astray

My time to keep the wings
Of both in fire
We didn't gift the rings
We shared the pyre

And devils talk to me when we drown in the sunset
The scarlet torrents bleed the sea
The ill of slumber falls on bloodred houses
The worst of night we could forsee

My time to stay alive
And share the strength
In human-shaped black hive
To pay my rent

My time to split my soul
My time to change
Let only cold fear fall
As my revange

I clench my fists to hide my wet and trembling fingers
The lights comes peter out on us
I wait for you to breathe again in bloom of feelings
Pain suffocates as I still nurse...

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