ARDALLION - Сайт Вячеслава Карижинского. "B-Sides Embrace of hate and old shit" (2006)


"B-Sides Embrace of hate and old shit" (2006)

Any of your dreams... will be destroyed

It's like an ephedrine rush
Like the madness of gods
Like a sound of the crash
Like extensive infarct

It's the way of the brave
Opened eyes unafraid
It's the tsunami wave
It's the bomb's single braid

It's the principle of
War if you understand
Watch the one who fuck off
Watch the others who stand

Limits never get your fantasizing mind
No one cares for what you say and do
Nothing's up to you as nothing left behind
You define what's lie and what is true

Incarnate again if you believe it
Die with torn out heart if lives explode
You would just forget but not forgive it
Any of your dreams will be destroyed

Demon hill 1999

Too currant black my hatred be,
Swam hard but drowned in weakened sea,
Covered by set, that after storm
Is fain to fake what has been wrong.
I draw the line on coldening sand
Around me, still without no friend.
By now my life is meant for you.
Your leaves again remind and mure.
Below the moon i’ve been in love,
So here i’m left in sorrow doved.
Felt that your sacrifices don’t
Prove right, but that i’m always lone.
The stars are nice, the stars are bright,
Not pale like moon, there millions died.
There beautiful and happy folks
Still throw the lightways and walk.
My maliced eyes are fain to cry,
When wings of trite joy will fly.
But even that was found out hard.
I judged, so waste my cattle blood.
Time of the roses’s gone away
With gentle hands and tongues of quay.
Another time arrived with me,
Where smiles don’t rain like fruits from tree.
And i will find my only realm,
Whatever was it, blessed or damned.
Invite you to the demon hill,
Where walking so demands my will.
You choose to stay and not to miss
So seldom cold-destroying kiss.
And star beloved, that hid in me,
That took your heart and feeds to be.
Be black or white, rise the declined,
Be kind and rude until i die.
Now world is living orgious days,
Some show up better, some decay.
And beautiful faces won’t deprave your sense,
Like sacred raindrops in the deserts.
Just seel your eyes from hot and smear,
And i’ll assure myself, that you still care.

Jacky's scorpion 1998

You search the dark of night,
You walk when everyone’s asleep.
You watch the luminicent light
From your glassy can’s deep.
The orange scorpion creeps away
To lead you in another dark,
To change your world for other one
With calm and silent mark.
And you see colours, you live nice.
Inspite of own remorse.
You think that it’s the very prise,
When others think- gets worse.
You beat the glass, you watch the stars,
You breed and kill on blue display
After the longtime lifetime war,
You’re tired and only play.
You walk with guitar in the woods,
You sneak the sound alone at night.
And no one would have ever known,
You melt in luminicent light.
You’re just the boy, who lost his brother,
You’re just the winner of the dark.
You found the bloom in speedy smaulder,
You heard the wolves in midnight bark.
There is the way you turn the pages,
Just like the way you turn the days.
Away the years that point the ages
And stupid therapies away.
You keep the scorpion ‘til the morning
You gonna warm it in your bed.
You fall asleep when day is dawning
And all your dreams are calm and sade.
You left them all outside the curtains down.
You wait for sounds of crickets cries.
You wait and get the luminicent poison.
God’s sake, you’re not afraid to die,Jacky.
You feed it again with your warm,
Still are yor dreams so slow and calm.

My body is breathing fire 1999

Surreal adorer.
Threnetic sky that throws
The wind of stars at night.
Manumits horror
And darkened marl repeats
The moans by owelty.
I’m spread in waved
Midst reedy brenches.
Misanthropic rebellion
Of elements.
I do meander on this fiery ground
And not exist when you’re around.
Periapt of fire embroiders vast
Polluted world of dying everlast.
Nuptials of sky and roaring firmament
Mactation for the new day sent.
When ivory phosphor rise
You hear no longer cries.
And plight of will is done.
I am last minstrel , my body is breathing fire.
The shameful flower saved i admire.
Since million years have taken them away
I found the wall of antecedent days.
In stoney ruins ornithichnite is shrined
And brown plumes like blankets laid untouched.
No one but stone knows how she looked before.
And maybe she appears again but nevermore.
But when i lift my eyes
To crowns beneath the skies.
See first nymphosis comes,
Nepenthean, with million newborn lives.
The rede of silence
That stood among the aeons
Was primal rain
To start these lives again.

Beholding the marges of firmament 1999

Ad finem death had come to me
And tired life just closed her crying eyes
The martyrology of memory did fade away
With myriad of pain encaged in body’s ties
My lachrymal existence was too few to prove
The pain I hove for every day and night
And nowaday the dead of mine did not touch
Your cold stoneful black heart
Inside the heart of mine now blows the dark wind
I roam through endless storms and waste lands
Alone into the storm where sky is blackened
The trees are broken by thunder’s roaring hands
I am the spirit, I’m left to be unseen
Among the mirages of our home’s casements
I’m thousand years old I’m tired and want to sleep
No rest could be for this soul once damned
Is this the Earth so cold and black I’m watching?
Is this the grave of mine so lamentful and vast?
You either died and nothing left from you then
Yet thousand years came since you returned to dust
Your life I’d tried to be in I did not find
No headstone where I could come to cry
No picture of your face to save my fading memory
Like you were never in this world alive
I am forgotten so is the world around me
No one dwells here to talk to me just once
Beholding the marges of firmament, thin strip of sky
Here is the place where spring will never come
I’m growing mad without excuse, without a last chance
All I want now is to see you once again
And to repent at you on busted knees
And kiss your feet and kiss your tender hands
But then return to my clean narrow coffin
To sleep infinity of death’s oblivion
You’re lost inside my dreams but they can’t
Repeat astray and come to me again
Between two storms in rivers of the lightning
I shout your name against the name of God
The million foreign lives fall down around me
Not mine, not yours inside the blood of sod

Stigmata for a nocturnal dreamer 2002

Stand still my idol, sleep safe, my child.
I'll cover you with myself.
Night is so ours,my life for you.
My beautiful pain,my wealth.
Don't look around,just look in my eyes,
I'm still alive for you.
Don't take a step but into my arms,
None else is friend for you.

Close your eyes, cold as ice.
Name you the star,throw the dice.
River will take us far away in the night
Far from the heaven's eyes.

Hell and shame follow my innocent dream
Burn me up from behind,swallow my days.
Leave me alone,even angels are gone.
I have one from thousand ways.
Red from the blood,wet from the fear,
Flee from my dreams malign and unfair.
Devils of day rape the angels of night.
Choke with my flesh in your smear.
Sabre in hand,I shall defend
From all the world...this life.
Foam on their lips,Bible pages in red,
Tremor in hand,devil in bed.

Pain is almost gone,get warm,my child.
Everything passes away.
We burn our skin to save our souls.
Now we can rest with lay.
Even if sun can fall and sun turn to black
I will endure.
Even if He would say that I'm not of the saved
I'll be with you.

Cripples in the linen 2001

Quiver and tend the truth.
The judgement comes so soon.
Your prayers are too late.
One moment will
Cut you from eternity.
Dare it all to face now
Cripples so picturous.'

I see the endless sunset bloody red,
I feel the smell that spreads from my bed.
And my own cruelty is freezing me inside.
The silver bed of neils,let me see gold at last.
All that I didn't understand,give me,
Let fire burn it into my heart.
The days of misery, I don't expect another.
I come to you,my Lord,not to survive.

'So see! The more you lie
The less you trust.
The dead things hang around your eyes.
So feel! Victorious day.
Did you deserve.
I know that good will never die.'

I see the light that falls on these scripts.
They taste like blood,they smell like grave.
The wood and mourn,the curse and fear,
Dry words about the new world for the saved.
The more it hurts the more I grow believing
In awful mire so long've been trying to rise.
The world needs love but drifting in the bloodseas
Not tears but dust falls from my eyes.

'Come to me
But by yourself.
I want everyone
To be saved.
Come cease my wrath,
Lift soul above.
Alone,remember one
Until the kingdom come.'

I dreamt for life but all I saw was dead.
Come shining bright to fall in one eye flip.
I think I'll always crawl beneath your sane light.
I think I die before I get belief.
My sexual guilt,my wings devoured,
Seams on my mouth,lust in my eyes.
Just one light spills through deep in my heart
In deitiful and still trying to rise.

'Now glad that you observed
So deep inside
Cripples in the linen of your life.
Be sure! The day will come
To get your eyes
Open wide like one sharpest knife.
Now I allow you
To call my name
When you got more truth to say.
Reveal once more
Your life.
Never let time waste you away.'

God's flesh I see is far from wine and bread.
My great desire is small drop in the ocean.
My trials of fight now look ridiculous.
My sins melt in his light.

'Alone, remember one
Until the kingdom come.'

Earth in black 2001

Seer through my pain
Of bitter ordeals.
I live there twice
And my days are tedious.

Carry me through these mordant centuries
The bitter paradise,malicious miracles.
This dying world mourns with lust and cruelty.
The animals die by the will of guilty.

Men kill the swans and tread their tiny tears,
Tears that fall from their sorrowed eyes.
Bullet checks if the aim is defeated.
Vanity is all that their hearts needed.

So flow with me,my spirit's cancer.
God hath no words to dress the answer.

Eternal fight
Between the angels.
We are blooded fields.
Of their war games.
Cultural and superstitious
Close your eyes
You can't see other visions.

In the gardens harmony will dwell.
Who had grew them,grew them so well?
Who'll be invited there for ever?
I'll walk away for I am unfair.

Before I'm swept
I'll remind you pain
Of the silent
Of those who cannot talk

Maybe they're not obvious
Brought here violently

Before hurricane
Swallowed our eyes
We will lay mourning
Together 'neath the skes
On the earth in black
Until the final sunset comes.

On burning wings 2002

Half-sleep half-dead in methadone
Breathing pain,relax my cold hand.
Only last hope,one last love near beside me.
One last candle,my only friend.

As I stiffer and my eyes turn to glass
Through the nightmares and through the cries
I see bird and her great wings are burning
As she's flying straight to my eyes.

Mortified full of destruction
Suicide of broken future.
Parasite,my soul's devourer.
No more I am believer.

Verdict in my frightened eyes.
Set on fire the punishment.
Cold and dead and eternal lonely.
I am my own soul's masturbator.

Feverish and insane
Too weak again to try.
Live our last fucking days
Then to fucking die.

Give me back my harmonbozia.
Where I have been? I've been to hell.

Oh forgive me and don't leave me
I'll try again,I'll try to be.
All I could not I'll try to do.
My friend I live because of you.

Your hand in mine

Your hand in mine I can’t explain this sorrow
The snow white plain so beautiful and clean
The winter sleep and road up to tomorrow
The feelings hurt and slowly freezing in

December’s path through silence of the cold woods
From tears of past and jealousy of day
Now far away from what we are and old roofs
We watched the august star fall on the bay

Your hand in mine the foreign one beside me
The smile that I have never ever known
The voice I’ve never heard reveals inside me
And foreign eyes that bring me to the dawn

Not drunk of wine nor of my dying wishes
I’m stolen by the sorrow of my own
And merged with all those shady winter creatures
Who make the wish for me this night alone

I bind those roads, those times within my strong hand
As easily as it was mine before
Still don’t know where in death or in a new land
Your hand in mine would stay forevermore

The one who hates you

And now you’re waiting
The man ascending
The one who hates you
And comes to kill you

I loose my passion
Wherever goes
The limits crash on
The freedom’s swords
The evil genies
No tales of love
This life so tedious
I’ll take above

Forget the words of different kind that stop you
This life costs nothing but a joy for strong ones
‘Tis time now to forget the ghostly virtue
As we were born to serve for joys of others
The spirit strong enfolds the warlike friendship
The outrage feeds the flesh I do extol
This poor nothing and absurd of slim shape
Are calling us to break and to uphold

I breathe destruction
Silence no more
This truth’s corruption
This faith is whore
I won’t be quiet
To swallow that
Better the suicide
Than humble plat

And now I’m waiting
The man ascending
The one who hates me
And comes to kill me

Garden of villainy

How sweet was the night when blood shower rained,
Mixed up with tears of the innocent
They stood there entwined pleading for life you slain
And the numb moon was low in indifferent descend

You raped their bodies, you raped their souls
And still they cried loud at your feet
And your blade fast as wind has cut their thin throats
To the flowers trodden, the ones they bebleed

How sweet was to see life within your own hands
So small and so fragile before face of storm
You’d take, watch into their eyes time and again
Moment before they are forever gone

In the garden of night you had rivers of blood
You had oceans of tears and the silence of gods
You had slaves that you killed and the feast of your lust
And the mouths of your victims fulfilled with the rust

They lay wrapped in the leaves mutilated and torn
And the air was so cold and the past was so ‘lorn
You are wasted from orgasms of power you had
Power that you possessed that did not know the end

Night has hidden them all; night has covered your trace
And the moans are all swallowed by silence
None on earth knew such richness of terrible grace
That a human can make from the violence

In the horror of the night

I see them come from other side
To call your name, to call you to themselves
This night arrives; they’ll never find the light
You’ll never find the way from their dark realms

In lonely house the sobbing cry
The agony and helplessness
Lonely in death can’t close your eyes
The funeral wreaths on trembling chest

The somber mourning buried you
Into this fate, forever night
Beloved ones are gone from you
To other side of tunnel light

The coldest grave among the walls
The shades of wings echoes of voice
Left you alone in all the world
Without a friend, without a choice

He lied here all the night
You held him breathless to a candle light
Cried at his lips stiff cold and dead
Two tiny sons you ever had

Death is everywhere…
Death is everything…
I feel the vermin waits for me
The slime of fetid decay
The larvae in my lungs
The rotting breath of twilight
Dismemberment, consuming
The taste of mold…
And seas of grief
The profound voice of destruction…

Embrasure of bottomless hate

In through their tears so crystalline
I watch you burn in routing fire
With your belief so full of crying
You smolder with your poor desire

I watch them run through aeons of pain
Pursue them all, and take to maim
I’m witness of the endless death
Harking to you at your last breath

The rotting stench the grave I wait
The world embraced with endless hate
Injustice, loathsomeness so vile
Tears feed them all and words defile

I travel through the years of grief
My seething throat rots in the brief
The typhoid blow the leprosy
For his unbridled ecstasy

I killed no one but saw them die
I heard them pray their prayers of lie
I killed no one although I would
If you knew me well,
Oh, I would…

Throw them helpless out to prey
They bend their humble heads
Leave your dying children
Smother in your tears…

I watch this sewage world drown in
And tumbling down with evil grin
Your fucking God, your doom and dread
Instead of you I wish for dead

Swallow your fate admit defeat,
You’ll fall like them right at my feet
I’ll fall too late I’ll die from you
I won’t forgive and won’t forget you…

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