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"For Whom The Bells Toll" (2005)

For Whom The Bells Toll

“All I asked for was a little love”
Johan Edlund

In a moment to our death
We learn to forgive and forget
In the deep sigh of our last breath
We can loose all regret

In our useless attempt
Heroes fall dreams bygone
And new monuments stand
It will go on and on and on...

Child forgotten in space
Lost in war from our hands
Face’s changing deep trace
Profound words in the sands

On and on

Silent bells stand alone
And captivity’s gone
Warrior’s sword dried from blood
In memorial mud

There’s no music in words
Verse is numb all the most
Silence strangles my throat
Now I see strength is lost

Molten in bed of nature
Like liquid snow
Bury my mind
Letting it go

In the sun of a lamplight
Soul’s detached from my self
Let the flow take from fight
To another spell…

Drink the last cup of hope
Like cold water in heat
Let them drag common rope
From defeat to defeat

I’m not here anymore
Overcoming inside
Growing cold in slow travel...
Coming home tonight.

September 24, 2005

Dark Flower

Torn between friend and enemy
Both of them I love and hate
The hurting truth of my enemy
The beauty of my twofold friend

Cornered in my narrow breathing
Lost in my breaking soul
Protesting though still believing
Propinquity of silent fall

World has the law of predators
Why am I inspired by prey?
Laughter of fat grown spectators
Throwing the food crumbs my way

Panem et circenses!

Give me the Bible of torment
Crash me with your happy light
Turn me to nothing by your faith
As I’m planting the flower of night

The Great Worm in mystic circle
The Babylon Whore becomes saint
Shades of the evil grow purple
From ale blood diluted so faint

Haunting my eyes with their shiver
Icy dew on stocks of rose
Hiding my pathetic fever
Slayin’ my brain with remorse

Raven nipped skin yellow brown
A labyrinth with no return
Let the same old evil fire
Devour my wings and burn

In the shed of a prophet
I cannot forget my home
Lonely star in the sky is exploding
Raining down with her deadened white cold

And everything will lead to nothing…

Untergang Der Welt

The azzle teeth of Beast the Great
Burnt with soot of evil fire
Smile with septic mouth of fate
Holy one, so dire

Whereupon the man aroused
He was turned to dust
Crying dew of scarlet rose
Trodden by his lust

The bloody rainbows crest the sky
The Satan’s crown shone bright
In dagger fern they hide to die
The day was like a night

And laughter from nonentity
Pursued the weeping hordes
But not of infidelity
But for a holy words

Lord the Almighty took His sword
And aimed it at the fiends
I saw the blooded metal chord,
My dying concubine

The fascination of that war
For angels, not for men
The feast of all that I abhorred
The funeral and descent

The sweet recoil of love and pity
The pernor of the dark
Debris of world, the burning city
With shameful whorish mark
The pristine cleanness of a human
Polluted by a lie
The lechery flames, the force impudent
The bitterness of rye

No drug could ever opiate
Me walking comatose
Delirious fever didn’t bate
But fear was growing worse

And what a light redeeming soul
I’ve seen from holy skies
Reflecting miseries befouled
In His unfathomed eyes

Just Once In A Lifetime

I had bled for you, I died for you
Please, don’t leave me now
If it turns to cold I lose everything
Don’t leave me now
With these tears that cried all years
I give all my soul
I waited my angel but
Why are you so cold?
I cherished the moments
Of pain and of hope
Just once in a lifetime
Let me not feel alone
My sadness and anger because you were not here
And my somber living now tears down so clear
Take my shivering
My dying hand
Am I fool when believing?
If only I could know that
Throw myself in the fire
For I can’t lose again
And if I’m doomed for dying
Cease my miserable days
I’m blinded by your divine beauty, your ailing soul, your silent heart
You are what I have ever dreamt of, have ever grieved for, have ever tried.
I have cut all my lifelines
Said my last prayer, faith’s grain
Just for once in the lifetime
Grant me love without pain

Under Apocalypse Moon

Perpetual reverse of our lives into desert
In hellfire of night born with rebel and hum
Your body I’ve seen in the shore ’neath the Hesperus
But hidden with twilight in thicket of slum

And I joined the amber lying fitful on cold ground
Skin turning grey, stiff in freezing dark night
Lying beside you, broke in shards with a dull sound
Ensued from a whisper of thistle so quiet

And I’ve seen the moon burning red, full of torment
And fan of dark angel closed my icy eaves
The Acheron snakes took me in watery torrent
My breath had been taken by murmuring leaves

Abode of the spirits that omen redemption
Elysium of righteous who take their revenge
I opened the gate to eternal deception
The hammered cold world made by extempore sage

Handcrafted by sculptor of soul with a seamed mouth
The soldier of truth who betrayed his khanate
So I tasted dry blood from sabre of eld south
And heard sonorous clank of the mint coins forfeit

My love lost outward cleaved my conscience like razor
And I burst from dream back in horror of seethe
My love sent me arrow and dragged spicy mazer
I’ve seen smile effulgent but I couldn’t breathe

In mat of the earth dead from evil seduction
I lay like a bird pried and ripped open wide
My angel beheld me with love and distraction
Then she had the wake to sublunary ride

My Utter Hunger

I wait for you at my place
My lost and lonely child
I hear the hours pace
Throughout my heart so wild
All that I’ve seen was your shade
I’m just your shade in the night
Feather of wings that you played
Out of my broken sight
And every sunbeam I meet
Melts in my weary eyes
But still those stones hurt my feet
I’m running into my disguise

Palsied in my agony
Sepulchral nympholept
Hearken the litany
Love so forever swept

In desolate place I am host
Lying there crying and nude
Vying your mauve rending ghost
By whom all my soul is subdued
Writhing in my glazing chains
Woken by laughter of yore
Swallowing thirsty the rains
Washing my hands from the gore
My silent scream but so keen
Calling your name for the waste
Poison of spring – I was teen
For bitterness I had to taste
Beauty of your flaxen hairs
I deify all your tears
Please, walk to me downstairs
Swallow my indoor fears
Take me into your embrace
Among the larches so dense
Wipe all my tears with your lace
We’d die in our entwined dance
Swallow my soul with your pain
Swallow my heart with your love
Endow me just one kiss again
Till I am bewrayed
To this heaven above

Godspeed Thee, Blood Ink

Summer dies inside my aching eyes
Pain denies the sickly bluish skies
Memory decays in nowhere-town
Nowhere future takes me down and down

Whisper from the web
Face of formless dust
Rusty pale cold crept
Empty soul’s disgust

Written with the white dove’s feather…

Poets of disgrace
Burn your magic lace
Shine the grave of soul
Show them where they fall

Written with the white dove’s blood…
Morning kills my beauty, longest night
Ugliness fulfills my twisted sight
Cut my veins with songbird of new day
Help me please, oh Lord, take me away

Godspeed thee, blood ink
A prophet’s tool
Get waste and go sink
In silent pool
Parasite providence
Sacred unjust
A monster sanitarium
In which we trust

Adored by pagans
Cursed by the saints
The throe the madness
Where all we’re faint

The Silence Of Lost Existence

Forgotten in the song of mountain creeks
Lost in a dance of the reflections of the cave
Gifted by tears cried in the morning reek
Shivered from body that did ocean lave

Berhymed by love from ancient years of ours
Slain by the time and never-ending loss
Born in the shed of Joseph from dark hours
And crucified with Jesus on the cross

Reviving every second when we try
Try in our hearts to love just once again
Stained with the red of sunset’s ardent dye
When broken down by next collapsing pain

Be blessed, my child, to never know it all
The way I ran through pain, the way I fall
For when I fell I couldn’t rise again
Punished by sights I’d only watch again

We do not love…
My God, no longer
We do not trust
Our love no longer
We grow in hate
Lose honor
We run through time
With horror

Buried Alive In The Fire

In memory of the victims of Byelorussia

We'll see this sunset burning in the sky
We'll take a moment just to see them die
They drown again in smoke and amber of bygone
Our memory will not forget them on

The ice breaking dance of Satyr
Lascivious for blood and kingdom
For cruel domination of aliens
We did not expect them to come from

With the blood of divine in their veins
They do intervene us with fiery rains

Buried alive in the fire
A leader wants to be admired
They stood under gasoline roofs
Choking and praying to soothe

Now that dark place is under the walls
Of the concrete of mournful black halls
And the sound of the gun echoes from
The delirious mindbreaking storm

As the roses are pale to be laid
By a hand of a child on the stone
Golden letters of heroes' names
Senescent widows alone
Far too long to be swept away
Just the thing we cannot forget
Looking down when again here we stay
Looking down with infinite regret
Ask me who had been here to survive
Who had cried in that fire his last calls
Ask me who tried to save their lives
Ask me either for whom the bells toll

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